What’s On

Every Day

It’s not how you start the day. It’s how you finish. We’ll get the finish started right with $15 pitchers. Invite a friend, or two it’s time to get social and gather some friends, tell some stories and see out the work day. Can’t decide? We’ve got you sorted anyway with 4 choices. Mountain Goat Steam Ale, Two Step Apple Cider, Pimms Cup and Aperol Spritz.

Honey, I feel like a parma. The diet starts tomorrow.


It’s not just you. Melbourne has gone burger crazy. We’re not the type to miss the opportunity to help you scratch that itch. In the interests of providing you with a balanced meal we’ll be serving you up your burger, chips and a drink for $15. It’s a burger deal that’s on all day and all night. I’ll be burgered at HONEY on Tuesdays.

Honey, it’s quality family time.


We’re going to make the dinner decision simple. Plump, cheesy and saucey. It’s time for a chicken parmagiana. No skimping here either. It’s the full bird. None of this “here’s a little version because it’s a discount night” rubbish that others may try. Bring an appetite and just leave the rest to us. We’re aiming to serve up the best chicken parmagiana in Melbourne. Give it a try.

Honey, I feel like a parma. The diet starts tomorrow.


You’ve got past hump day. You’re one day away from the weekend. Let’s help get you over the line. $10 cocktails. Choose from our full list. Make your way to the cocktail lounge. We’re keeping it simple. Treat yourself or treat your friend. Taste sensations that make you feel like you’re getting your vitamins and your laughs at the same time. Find a favourite drink, then have two.

Honey, I’ll shout you a drink.


Let the chant begin. TGIF, TGIF, TGIF. Sneak out of the office early. Get your stories ready to roll and let’s go. Happy Hour time. $5 drinks. The good stuff. You can settle in, get comfortable and make plans for the weekend. Corporate function, birthday party, going away? Any excuse will do to end the week in style. Monday is so far away.

Honey, I’m out of the office.


We’ve got you covered early. We’ve got you covered late. Looking to get a head start? Sharing is caring with jugs of fun. Inclined to kick on? Our DJ is ready to take requests. Dance the night away in the best party venue south of the river. We’re open until late and the espresso martini’s will keep you going. Any function will do. In the Function room or in the main bar every party has a home.

Honey, I’m not done yet.

Hens at Honey

Hen’s at Honey

Hen’s nights. The way you want them. Flexible. Do you want a private space and a show? We can arrange that. Do you want a package or would you prefer to have everyone charged on consumption? We can do both. Versatile to the extreme whether you’re after a formal or informal setting. What about a small extravagant group? Yep, sorted. The Hen rules the roost.

Honey, I’m ready for one last fling.


Honey Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year. Planning for Christmas starts early. Get a move on. We’re ready willing and able to host your shindig. Whatever it looks like. We trade late too. Feel free to head to our place after the dinner and drinks are over. We’ve got your back until you’re ready to head home. Not a second early. It’s Christmas. Everything without moderation.

Honey, we put the Ho Ho Ho in our name.