The Number 1 Office Christmas Party Rule

It’s the night of the Office Christmas Party. It’s late and there’s the smell of sweat in the air. You still can’t believe everyone started dancing to Living on a Prayer… You’ve had a few more than you should’ve and suddenly you feel that longing stare from across the room. It’s the newbie and they’re […]

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Best restaurant south melbourne

Best Restaurant in South Melbourne – HONEY

We’ve been open for a long time. Staying popular isn’t easy in the Melbourne restaurant scene.           In hospitality terms our little piece of South Melbourne restaurant paradise has been open FOREVER. So much has changed since we opened the doors in 2009. We’ve served many thousands of meals. Filled many […]

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AFL Grand Final 2016 - Watch it at HONEY

AFL Grand Final 2016 – HONEY Bar South Melbourne

WHERE SHOULD YOU WATCH THE AFL GRAND FINAL 2016? It’s almost that time. The question will be uttered over and over and over again. ” Where do you want to watch the AFL Grand Final ? ” Take your pick. There are so many choices. Bars in Melbourne all hope and pray you choose them. A “Where […]

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Thanks Simon

THE DREAM Well before you open the doors of your hospitality dream you’ve imagined what success will look like. The hordes of people. The stellar reviews. How long you can keep up the rockstar lifestyle. The wink your Bank Manager will give you when he sees you every week. It won’t go to your head […]

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Function Room Hire – The secret to event success

We’ve hosted a huge number of successful events in our South Melbourne venue. Personal milestones, birthdays, engagement parties, weddings. You name it, we’ve done it a lot. The secret to a successful function or event? DON’T STRESS No, seriously. You need to be sure you just relax. That’s it. That’s the secret. You’ll need to know very […]

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Restaurant Now (Still) Open

Food. Glorious. Food. When you’ve been around as long as we have you tend not to announce all of the changes, celebrate all of the milestones or trumpet all of the achievements. You just do, and get on with it. We’ve changed some menu items and we’re really happy with them. The 3 menu items […]

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Not so shiny. Still new.

I’ve lived in the same suburb for over 10 years. Last week I tried a restaurant for the first time. The experience was, from start to finish, terrific. The staff were friendly and attentive. The food was delivered promptly. It was delicious. There was no bill shock either. Perfect. I left annoyed. Annoyed at myself. […]

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I’d like to phone a friend

You may or may not have recently seen a video lamenting the fact that technology has made us lonelier. That people spend too much time online and not enough time sharing experiences. I won’t bore you with the link. The video has had 35 million views…and counting. It’s been shared so many times by so […]

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