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The Number 1 Office Christmas Party Rule

It’s the night of the Office Christmas Party. It’s late and there’s the smell of sweat in the air. You still can’t believe everyone started dancing to Living on a Prayer… You’ve had a few more than you should’ve and suddenly you feel that longing stare from across the room. It’s the newbie and they’re […]

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AFL Grand Final 2016 - Watch it at HONEY

AFL Grand Final 2016 – HONEY Bar South Melbourne

WHERE SHOULD YOU WATCH THE AFL GRAND FINAL 2016? It’s almost that time. The question will be uttered over and over and over again. ” Where do you want to watch the AFL Grand Final ? ” Take your pick. There are so many choices. Bars in Melbourne all hope and pray you choose them. A “Where […]

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Function Room Hire – The secret to event success

We’ve hosted a huge number of successful events in our South Melbourne venue. Personal milestones, birthdays, engagement parties, weddings. You name it, we’ve done it a lot. The secret to a successful function or event? DON’T STRESS No, seriously. You need to be sure you just relax. That’s it. That’s the secret. You’ll need to know very […]

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New Year’s Eve 2013 – Make a memory

New Year’s Eve in Melbourne. Time to reflect. As chatter turns once again to what party or event we should be attending to usher in 2014 sometimes the significance of the choices we make aren’t obvious at the time or even a year or two later. The importance dawns when life surprises you. When it detours, […]

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Networking until your mum calls – Events

I use the saying “You can’t see the wood for the trees” regularly. Probably never in the right context. I’ve decided to substitute it for the phrase “You can’t see the networkers for the marketers”. I think it has more relevance. A week doesn’t go by without someone walking through the doors at HONEY offering […]

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