A great Melbourne bar that isn’t in the CBD? You don’t need to get lost wandering down a lane way.

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What’s your favourite drink?
We don’t need to be told twice.

Our drinks mission is simple. We’re looking to be the best bar in South Melbourne. Then we’ll take over the world.

We care about cocktails, we care about wine, we care about stocking the best drinks selection for you. It’s always a work in progress because we know that trends change. Good service doesn’t, so we’ll keep that coming.

Hey, if we’re honest, we like compliments too. It feels great to be referred to as one of the top Melbourne bars. We don’t take that tag for granted and we’ll keep striving to get better. Every legend has to start somewhere.

Celebrations require extra attention. If you’re looking to make an impression. That’s our strong suit. We can cater for all of your function room needs. Events are a speciality.

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Pull up a stool. Can we get you a drink? How about a cocktail?

HONEY I’m thirsty

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