The Number 1 Office Christmas Party Rule

It’s the night of the Office Christmas Party.

It’s late and there’s the smell of sweat in the air. You still can’t believe everyone started dancing to Living on a Prayer…

You’ve had a few more than you should’ve and suddenly you feel that longing stare from across the room. It’s the newbie and they’re making eyes at you. THOSE eyes…

They haven’t been in the office for long and to be honest until this very moment you didn’t even know they existed but suddenly there’s a little bit of electricity in the air and you think magic might happen. Magic that could last a lifetime…

That’s not magic.

That’s tequila.

Bad tequila.

Flash forward to the next week at work when you both realise you’re not really each other’s type and it dawns on you that you have to walk past each other 17 times in the corridor. Every. Single. Day.

I know what you’re going to say. Friends don’t let friends drunk pash at parties.

Do you even office bro? Your friends are already laughing their asses off and there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that will be funnier than watching you two walk past each other every single day for the next two months.


Do yourself a favour. Walk into the office party. Walk up to your manager at the bar. and say, “I think the newbie just gave you a look” then let the magic happen….

Thank me later. It’s a jungle out there.

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