AFL Grand Final 2016 – HONEY Bar South Melbourne


It’s almost that time. The question will be uttered over and over and over again. ” Where do you want to watch the AFL Grand Final ? ” Take your pick. There are so many choices. Bars in Melbourne all hope and pray you choose them.

A “Where to watch the game in a pub, bar or restaurant” checklist

There’s no science here. Few places sell out before the big day so you’ll be able to wait until the very last minute. The Grand Final Eve public holiday changes everything too. The likelihood of an accidental big night beforehand is very high. Stay nimble.

Here’s what you need to know to decide where to watch the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne.

Drinks package or no drinks package?

There are few days of the year that provide more opportunity to get a great value drinks package. But don’t be fooled. There’s often a catch. Limited range or tricky start and finish times. If the games close you tend to drink less too. Don’t be a rookie.

Big venue or small venue?

It’s great to be in a big room, with lots of people. That’s what you call atmosphere. It’s also what you call a pain if you can’t get to the bar to buy a drink. Choose wisely. If you don’ know what the venue looks like be wary. It pays to go with what you know.

A little rough or a little classy?

Fine dining is not likely to be what you’re after on Grand Final day. That said some places are a little classier than others. You’ll get a different vibe in bars, pubs and restaurants. Do you want a safer bet? Check out the menu of the venue before you go. If it’s a nice place, with nice choices you’re likely to get a nice crowd.

Indoor area or outdoor area?

Weather matters. If it’s cold and miserable you need to get comfortable and settle in. If it’s sunny then chances are you’ll get bored with the game after the first 17 minutes. Plan accordingly but don’t forget the drinks package (see above) could sway your decision here.

Should I stay or should I go?

The game ends quickly. So plan ahead. Is the venue playing the big game going to be a fun place when the siren goes? Is there music, a DJ or do you expect a crowd to fly in as soon as the winners step up to grab their awards. Have your phone charged. This is where the drunk dialling commences.

Subtle? That’s my middle name…

Did I mention we’ve got the AFL Grand Final 2016 on at HONEY? No? Silly me.

You can see the poster below. We’re keeping it simple too by the way. Free entry and drink specials will do the job. If you’re included you can grab a little footy food too.

AFL Grand Final 2016 - Watch it at HONEY

Watch the 2016 AFL Grand Final at HONEY in South Melbourne

Where should I watch the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne? At HONEY.

Let me know if you’re coming.

I’ll see you at the bar.

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