Thanks Simon



Well before you open the doors of your hospitality dream you’ve imagined what success will look like.
The hordes of people.
The stellar reviews.
How long you can keep up the rockstar lifestyle.
The wink your Bank Manager will give you when he sees you every week.
It won’t go to your head you say. The good news is you’re right.
It won’t go to you head because for all but the lucky, chosen and incredibly hardworking few there won’t be hordes. The reviews will vary from to time and the party ends fast if the party never ends. As for the Bank Manager, he’ll never take the time to learn your name. Get in the queue and wait your turn.
The good news is you’ll grossly underestimate the value of moments that glitter a little less but mean much more. If you survive, those moments will define your success.


A random stranger walks through the doors.
He takes his place at the bar and he listens. He takes in the stories of the staff in the same way people always like to glamourise the story of the helpful bartender.
He comes back not asking for anything. He buys a drink and talks a little more.
He comes back again and he understands some days aren’t like the others. Some days don’t meet the expectations we set for ourselves. Service is sloppy. Nerves are fraught but he forgives us. He understands.
He comes back.
The gift of custom becomes a gift you can return. You can return it with a free drink. A question about his day. You can return it by making him feel like he’s one of the family because over time that’s what he is.
He shares the good. He shares the bad and most importantly he appreciates that nobody’s perfect. But that we try even when we fail.
He is the business and without him there can be no real success.
He is our success.
His name is Simon.


See you at the bar.
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