Function Room Hire – The secret to event success

We’ve hosted a huge number of successful events in our South Melbourne venue. Personal milestones, birthdays, engagement parties, weddings. You name it, we’ve done it a lot. The secret to a successful function or event?


No, seriously. You need to be sure you just relax. That’s it. That’s the secret. You’ll need to know very little more than that to enjoy your night.

Functions worry people. With almost all key milestones, there’s a build up. A very long build up. Take birthdays as an example 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays and 40th birthdays. That’s a long time to wait to celebrate yourself. It’s over too quickly and so is the party you’ve been planning forever. So slow down and enjoy it. 

Those who care about you start with the best intentions in the world. They really do want to help but sometimes the best thing you can do is to say thanks, but we’ve got this covered. Stress and anxiety multiplies. If you’ve got an anxious mother in law, or a nervous partner. A jittery dad. You’ll find that everyone starts to get a little nervous. 

The things that people remember about a special event don’t tend to be the things that those organising the function worry about. The lighting doesn’t matter that much, neither does the wine selection. The food, well that’s got to be good but it won’t be what people remember.

They’ll remember who danced. Who drank. Who laughed and who cried. They’ll remember the speeches. The really bad one and the really good one. They’ll remember their feet hurting at the end of the night and they’ll remember the hangover and that last tequila shot that seemed like such a good idea at the time.

They’ll remember the experience and how you made them feel.

We’re just the canvas, you’re the picture.

Need to hire a function room in Melbourne? We’ll see you at the bar.


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