Hope. You want to talk about it?

I talk too much.

I talk too much to my wife, my staff, my family, my friends. I talk too much to anyone that will give me the opportunity, to talk. It’s taken me until this moment to realise why.

I am not the half glass full guy. I’m happy to tell you that things are sometimes bad, sometimes they’re terrible. Life isn’t the uninterrupted good time ride it’s sold to you as a kid running at walls that you’re convinced you can burst through. You did that right? That’s normal yeah?

The reason I talk so much is because I think things can be better. Wherever they are, they can be better. When they’re poor they can be good. When they’re good they can be great and when they are great than can be excellent. They can be amazing. It doesn’t mean they will be of course. But they can be and that’s what I want to talk about.

It’s hope that defines us.

Today I talked to a 19 year about seizing opportunities.

I talked to a CEO about improving the way he shares the message about the business he is so passionate about.

I talked to an Entrepreneur about building businesses that add value to lives that will long outlast him.

I talked because I hope these dreams all come true.

I talk too much. Wanna talk about it?

See you at the bar

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  1. Craig December 10, 2014 at 12:37 pm #

    Happy to talk! When?

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