I’d like to phone a friend

You may or may not have recently seen a video lamenting the fact that technology has made us lonelier. That people spend too much time online and not enough time sharing experiences.

I won’t bore you with the link. The video has had 35 million views…and counting. It’s been shared so many times by so many people many of whom have made the same comment. “This is so true”. The irony that the message has spread virally on social media hasn’t been lost on many who have viewed the video.

Spoiler alert. Most of us do look up. You’re most likely looking up now.

Here’s a Facebook snapshot of just some of the faces that I’ve seen when I’ve done exactly that.

Facebook pics2

Funny people. Smart people. Generous people. All of whom have made my life better for having known them.

Here’s my take. Technology has allowed me to meet, interact and maintain friendships with amazing people that I would otherwise most likely, passed in the street and never seen again. Let’s not blame the tools here people.

Read this article instead. It was written a year ago, ( I’m still here back online after a year without the internet) then be grateful for the opportunity that technology gives you.

When that’s done. You’ll probably be thirsty. Look up, you may know a guy who can shout you a drink.

See you at the bar

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